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Disabling the Windows 8 On Screen Keyboard – Scott Hanselman Saves the Day

It looks like I’m not the only one that does not have the need for the Windows 8 On Screen keyboard. See Scott Hanselman’s blog post from 2013.

Just like Scott, I also have a Lenovo X1 Carbon Touch (1st gen). Save for a few small hardware-related issues I encountered early on, I have loved (and continue to love) this laptop.

I use the touch screen a lot. Let me say that again. I use the touch screen A LOT. In fact, I use it so much, I find myself trying to touch my large dual-screen monitors when it’s docked at my office desk.

Because I use the touch screen extensively, I found myself irritated by the constant pop-up of the on screen keyboard. I’ve lived with this for 18 months at this point, and this morning was the last time. I wanted to share how to disable the on screen keyboard, but found Scott’s post more than sufficient.

If you’re frustrated by your on screen keyboard, head on over to Scott’s blog, and turn it off!



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