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Switching to the iPhone

18 months ago, I switched to a windows phone. Specifically the Nokia Lumia 1020. Recently, my phone started to behave strangely Bluetooth cutting out constantly battery lasting 6-8 hours.

The Initial Switch

I had an iPhone from the 3G days and loved the ecosystem. iPhone, MacBook Pro, iPad, and an entire family with the same setup. We were an iFamily.

I wasn’t a heavy app user. I regularly used 8-10 apps, almost all of which had comparable options on windows phone. Very few apps I used had a user experience that I absolutely needed. In my transition, the only heartburn was losing my Starbucks and Nike plus running app. Not having the Starbucks app just meant I had to carry my wallet with me more regularly, which is a good thing, right

It happens that I absolutely loved how Nike plus running works and I couldn’t find something I liked as much on windows phone.


My primary motivations for switching were to get another perspective. Windows phone was an experiment and helped me to better understand both platforms. And it was a great experiment.

I also found had that I spent a lot of time around people passionate about iPhones, as a result I didn’t feel I had enough exposure to other mobile platforms.

The “Spousal Effect” and Rage

When I switched over to Windows Phone, I lost some functionality, but my wife also lost some functionality. We had been jointly using the “Find my Friends” app to see where each other were. This was especially helpful if I was leaving work late, or running a race. She knew where I was at all times. You wouldn’t think this was such a big deal…but it was.

What I Love in Windows Phone

As I started to use my Windows Phone, I fell in love with Live Tiles, the “modern” look, but most significantly, the People Hub and back button.

The People Hub is especially wonderful because of the social network aggregation – 1 place for me to go to read and respond to Tweets, Facebook posts, and LinkedIn updates.

The back button. Oh, the wonderful back button. This sounds so fickle, but having a button to go back to the previous screen, app, browsed web page, etc. is so powerful. I loved browsing to new tabs in the browser and tapping the back button to immediately go back to the previous page. The transition is so instant, it made a pleasurable browsing experience. I also enjoyed being able to navigate to the home screen and open up another app to look up information. When I was finished, a quick tap to the back button brought me back to where I started. The back button motion felt natural and convinced me every phone OS should have some version.

Why I Switched Back

Was I bored? Did my phone hardware or software get flaky after numerous developer OS beta installs. Now, that’s my own fault, but maybe at my core, I had gotten bored after 18 months. Now, the battery in my phone only lasted 9-10 hours at a time, so I had to do something to fix the battery issue.

Moving Back to the iPhone

I’m now 2 weeks back into an iPhone. I really miss the People Hub and it is painful to use a phone without a back button. Aside from these two exceptions, I’m enjoying my change back to iPhone – I even have my Nike plus running app back.

Thinking about the Apple Watch

I’ve always been an early adopter and technologist. Perhaps a subconscious reason for switching back to iPhone could be to try out the Apple Watch, but I think I’m going to take’s advice on the Apple Watch – wait for the reviews, and don’t spend $10K.


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