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Month: April 2015

BUILD Recap – Day 1

Keynote During the //build/ keynote today, there are several impressions Microsoft wanted to ensure everyone walked away with. The first impression is “Microsoft is listening to your feedback” – during the Windows 10 portion of the keynote, Microsoft spoke towards constantly changing how Windows 10 looks and interacts with users. I was happy to see start menu changes that make…


Writing User Stories – Part 2

As a recap from my previous post, I spoke about philosophy on “As a…I want to…so that…”, and today I will continue to describe some additional information my team likes to include in a story if we know there will be data entry. Fields When we find a user story describes some level of data entry, my team likes to…


Writing User Stories

This is a follow-up to my previous post, User Story Titling. My intent is to walk you through my team’s current philosophy on writing user stories and our process of preparing a product backlog for development. “Preparing a product backlog for development” can sound a bit final and very misleading. I do not mean that an entire product backlog is…


Conference Season

Conference season has arrived for the Brosteins. I am starting the season off at Microsoft’s BUILD conference in San Francisco, and Nick is gearing up for CodePaLOUsa in Louisville. Although I’m disappointed I’ll miss CodePaLOUsa this year (it’s my first year missing my hometown favorite), I am excited about BUILD. I’ve taken a few days prior to BUILD to visit…


User Story Titling

At KiZAN, my team has iteratively developed an approach to user story titling that has helped us to better communicate the general meaning of a user story in a concise manner. Like many organizations, we lived for a long time with concepts such as user story titling becoming tacit knowledge – the longer you were on the team, the more…