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Conference Season

Conference season has arrived for the Brosteins. I am starting the season off at Microsoft’s BUILD conference in San Francisco, and Nick is gearing up for CodePaLOUsa in Louisville.

Although I’m disappointed I’ll miss CodePaLOUsa this year (it’s my first year missing my hometown favorite), I am excited about BUILD. I’ve taken a few days prior to BUILD to visit San Francisco with my wife – we’ve eaten great food, explored the city, visited the redwoods in Muir Woods, and eaten more great food. The hallmark of a great trip for me is sampling as much local cuisine as I can.

Back in Louisville, Nick is preparing for his CodePaLOUsa session, How to Blow Stuff Up: Animating Sprite Demolition with TypeScript. If you’re attending CodePaLOUsa, you should definitely check out this session – Nick is passionate about Javascript and TypeScript development, and it will shine through in his session. Also, if anyone has a soft spot in their heart for Nintendo’s Duck Hunt, you’ll feel warm and fuzzy inside after Nick’s session.

On a final note, the Brosteins have an awesome pen at this year’s CodePaLOUsa conference.


If you see either Nick or myself at CodePaLOUsa or BUILD, be sure to stop us and say hi. We’d love to chat!


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