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Gulp Cheatsheet

In my Gulp research and learning, I have run across a great Gulp cheatsheet on GitHub. The cheatsheet demonstrates the most common Gulp patterns you may use when consuming a Gulp stream in a task sequence.

The most basic Gulp task sequence is the “single destination” task sequence.

In this scenario, you identify the stream source, transform it multiple times via a sequence of gulp plugins, and finally output the resulting stream to a destination. Sometimes, I think too serially (task1, task2, …, taskN), which gives me tunnel vision. In this line of thought, I hadn’t realized that you could have multiple destinations for a single Gulp task sequence. So, I can output a Gulp stream multiple times, and to multiple locations.

I wanted to share this realization with everyone else, because the obvious is not always so obvious (especially, if you’re like me).


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