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Month: February 2016

Setting up the Hangfire Dashboard in a Windows Service

I’ve started a side project recently that involves creating a Windows Service to host a Hangfire server and dashboard (if you’re not familiar with Hangfire, check out Nick’s post or head over to The Hangfire dashboard is a website, but I was hosting it within a Windows Service. The Hangfire documentation does a great job of explaining everything you…


MVC Validation Extensions 1.1.4 Released

Tonight I have another small update for my MVC Validation Extensions.  This update adds another attribute: RequiredIfEmpty Example Usage public string RequiredIfEmptyControl { get; set; } [RequiredIfEmpty(“RequiredIfEmptyControl”)] public int? MightBeRequired { get; set; } This new control will require the field if the other property is empty.  Please note that whitespace is considered empty in this case. For more details…