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Writing NativeScript in Action

Where have we been? It’s been a long time since Nick and I have been able to blog. But don’t worry, we’re still writing, just in a different form. We’ve been writing NativeScript in Action. The book will publish in late 2016, but it’s available right now online for preview. The first three chapters are currently up, and every 3-4 weeks, we’ll be adding an additional chapter.  Chapter 1 is free, so we’d love for you to take a look and let us know what you think.


About NativeScript in Action

NativeScript in Action is about using JavaScript and CSS to write true native-quality mobile applications is an appealing, but elusive, goal. The NativeScript mobile framework provides a uniquely-powerful solution that simplifies the web-to- mobile divide without compromising features, performance, or design. With NativeScript, you write your apps in standard JavaScript and CSS. However, rather than translating JavaScript into lookalike elements, NativeScript directly calls the native platform components, so that your apps look exactly as iOS and Android intended. You can directly manipulate the native APIs with your JavaScript code, and it’s a snap to write custom plug-ins to extend the NativeScript feature set.

NativeScript in Action teaches readers who know JavaScript and CSS how to create native iOS and Android apps using NativeScript. You’ll begin learning how mobile applications differ from web applications, and discover how NativeScript bridges the gap. Then, by following progressively more complex and interesting examples, you’ll develop apps in JavaScript that will run natively on your mobile platforms. Along the way, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the iOS and Android SDKs to write beautiful native apps, master mobile dev best practices, and learn countless NativeScript tips and techniques that will make you instantly more productive.

We’ll be Back

Don’t worry. We’ll be back. Seriously. Nick is still working on some great TypeScript games, and I’m really busy with IoT, DevOps, and ALM right now. So, we’ll be back to blogging regularly after we’re finished with the book. Until then, check out NativeScript in Action!


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