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js13kgames 2016

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post; not that I haven’t wanted but working on NativeScript in Action has definitely kept me more than busy. In my extra spare time I made sure I was able to participated in js13kgames 2016.

js13kgames 2016

If you aren’t familiar with js13kgames it is a yearly competition to create a HTML 5 game based around a theme in 13kb or less. Last year was the first year that I participated and I had a great time (and learned a whole lot too). This year the theme of the competition was “glitch”.

Let me present to you our submission for js13kgames 2016 – Nomis 2.


Nomis 2 is a clicker that follows the story from last year’s submission Nomis. The game was created by my teammates and myself during numerous lunchtime coding sessions. Just like last year I thoroughly enjoyed myself while creating this game with my teammates. This year we had eight contributors on the project! We were able to take our “experience” from last year and implement more more features and effects into our game.

That’s all for now. Feel free to go check out and play Nomis 2; I hope you like it!

Nomis 2 was written in TypeScript. All the code is on my Github so feel free to check it out!


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