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NativeScript in Action Update

We’re excited to share some important updates to our progress on NativeScript in Action.

To start off, we’re nearly finished! We’re working through updates and edits on the last three chapters, and will be releasing MEAP (Manning Early Access Preview) updates every couple of weeks.

Chapter 11 Released

Our second announcement is that chapter 11 has been released to MEAP! Chapter 11, titled Refining User Experience, continues refining the user experience of the Pet Scrapbook app (one of several apps we’ve been building throughout the book). In this chapter, we teach you how to refine apps by adding modals and a creating tablet-specific UIs. Chapter 11 also marks our completion of the app. We’re excited about finishing the Pet Scrapbook because it’s a fully-featured app built over the course of several chapters.

Building NativeScript apps with Angular

Our last announcement is around Angular.  If you haven’t heard already, we’re incorporating Angular into NativeScript in Action (rejoice)! So what does this mean? This means the last several chapters will be all about building NativeScript apps with Angular. You’ll continue to expand your NativeScript learning by rebuilding the Pet Scrapbook with Angular. Most importantly, you’ll be leveraging everything you’ve already learned, and applying it to building the same app. This side-by-side look will help you understand how using Angular to build NativeScript apps is a compelling option.


Keep on the lookout for the next NativeScript in Action update coming in the next couple of weeks. If you’re interested in picking up NativeScript in Action right now then you can use the code 39branstein to save 39%!


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