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NativeScript in Action Update – All Chapters

I’m pleased to announce that with the last MEAP update to NativeScript in Action all the remaining chapters were released! It’s been a long road over the last year but we’re finally done with all the chapters and can now share them with everyone. This last MEAP update was a large update and included chapters 13 through 17 which I’ve outlined briefly below. I hope you enjoy them!

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 is titled Preparing an iOS App for Distribution. In Chapter 13 we walk through the process of getting the Pet Scrapbook app prepared for deployment in the Apple App Store. Similar to Chapter 12, this chapter walks through several steps such as customizing the app icon, versioning, app naming, and creating a release build.

Chapter 14

Chapter 14 is a continuation of preparing to deploy the Pet Scrapbook app the Apple App Store. With iOS the process is a bit more involved that Android and in this chapter we discuss the process of building the Pet Scrapbook app for deployment.

Chapter 15

Chapter 15 begins part 4 of the book; the part that everyone has been waiting for! Part 4 of NativeScript in Action is all about Angular and NativeScript. In this chapter we start from the beginning and discuss the whys and why nots of integrating Angular into a NativeScript project. Chapter 15 ends with getting your up and running with a new Pet Scrapbook app written in NativeScript with Angular.

Chapter 16

In Chapter 16 we do a deep dive into Angular and jump right into re-writing the Pet Scrapbook app by covering Angular components and routing.

Chapter 17

Chapter 17 is the conclusion of NativeScript in Action and the conclusion of the re-write of the Pet Scrapbook app. In Chapter 17 we cover databinding, services, and modal dialogs in Angular. At the conclusion of Chapter 17 you will have all the tools you need to develop a vanilla NativeScript app or a NativeScript app with Angular!

What’s Next?

What’s next for us is that the book is going through the final review and Mike and I will get our final updates made to it and then we’ll be able to finally get our hands on a physical copy! As always, if you’re interested in picking up NativeScript in Action right now then you can use the code 39branstein to save 39%!


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