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The Future of NativeScript in Action

A lot has been happening around our book, NativeScript in Action. Some bad thing, but more importantly, some great things.

The Bad News: NativeScript in Action Cancelled

If you had pre-ordered NativeScript in Action, you will have recently received an email notifying you that the book was cancelled.

NativeScript in Action cancelled

We’re sorry if you got this message. Many of you have reached out to Nick and I already wondering what happened and what’s next. The backstory isn’t important to tell. But…the future story is important.

…which leads us to the great news!

The Great News: The NativeScript Book is Launching

That’s right, we’ve launched The NativeScript Book, and it will be available in a variety of formats. Take a look at our new cover!

The NativeScript Book


We have another exciting announcement coming soon, which you will not want to miss, so stay tuned!

Finally, thank you to all our supporters – with a special nod to the NativeScript community. We appreciate you, and you’ll love what’s coming soon.



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