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6 Minute Mobile Apps with NativeScript at NCDevCon

This past weekend, I spoke at NCDevCon in Raleigh, NC about NativeScript. My session, 6 Minute Mobile Apps with NativeScript – A Race Against Time, was truly a race against time. Over 50 minutes, I attempted to build 10 mobile apps, while teaching the attendees how to get started with NativeScript.

I mentioned various web sites, Github repos, and technologies throughout the session, and I wanted to capture them here. If you attended, thank you!


How many cross-platform mobile apps can you write in an hour? It turns out it’s a lot, especially if you’re using NativeScript. NativeScript is a free and open-source platform for writing professional, cross-platform mobile apps with JavaScript. With its unique approach, NativeScript has positioned itself as the Node.js of mobile development – write once, run on multiple platforms, with native performance. In this session, you’ll learn how to get started with NativeScript and be inspired to explore the world of cross-platform mobile app development using JavaScript.




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