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NativeScript Playground

Yesterday Mike and I had the privilege of giving a half-day workshop at Code PaLOUsa 2018. If you’re not familiar with Code PaLOUsa it’s “Software Development Madness” right here in Louisville, KY. Mike and I spoke about rapidly prototyping mobile apps using NativeScript and Angular where we created a SpaceX mobile app in a few hours. So how does one rapidly prototype a mobile app – with the NativeScript Playground!

NativeScript Playground

The NativeScript Playground is another tool to add to your tool belt and a great way to get started creating mobile apps quickly. The Playground is online and all you need is a browser to get started. Better yet, if you missed Code PaLOUsa or just missed out on our workshop yesterday you’re still in luck because everything is available online for free. Just head over to GitHub and check it

nativescript playground


What You’re Building

In this workshop you’ll learn how to build iOS and Android mobile apps using NativeScript. Throughout the workshop, you’ll be building a SpaceX Launch Information app that uses the SpaceX launch API. The app will list past and future SpaceX launches, a


nd allow you to learn more about each launch.

We hope you enjoy this workshop and the NativeScript Playground!




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