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Author: Mike Branstein

Resizing Images for a NativeScript App

I recently posted about a small weekend project with my sons: building an iOS soundboard app using NativeScript and a text-to-speech engine. In this post, I wanted to dive a bit deeper into resizing images for a NativeScript App, and how I went about integrating static images into my app. Using XML and CSS to Add Images to your App In my app,…


Exciting Things are Happening at Code PaLOUsa

This is a big week for the development community. The biggest is //build happening in San Francisco. //build is an awesome conference, but I can’t swing for those swanky tickets every year. My team at KiZAN is headed to Code PaLOUsa instead, and exciting things are happening at Code PaLOUsa again this year. Code PaLOUsa is software development madness. Once…


NativeScript Mobile App for my Kids

On Saturday morning, my sons and I were casually watching several videos from Boston Dynamics. My oldest, Charlie, was enthralled and wanted to build his own robot afterwards. We set forth, procuring the finest materials I can muster – a styrofoam package insert, cardboard, paper cups, glue, and duct tape. As we were building, Charlie asked if we could make…


NativeScript Image Builder

I just released a new tool for NativeScript developers called the NativeScript Image Builder. Check it out at The NativeScript Image Builder helps you re-size your Android and iOS image assets for using with your NativeScript apps. Upload your maximum resolution image in PNG format, and you’ll get back a .ZIP file with the image assets re-sized. The Details…


Setting up the Hangfire Dashboard in a Windows Service

I’ve started a side project recently that involves creating a Windows Service to host a Hangfire server and dashboard (if you’re not familiar with Hangfire, check out Nick’s post or head over to The Hangfire dashboard is a website, but I was hosting it within a Windows Service. The Hangfire documentation does a great job of explaining everything you…


NativeScript Application Launch Event Does Not Fire

I’ve been exploring NativeScript recently, and decided to go “back to the basics” to make sure I understood the foundation of NativeScript before using it on an upcoming production project. When going “back to the basics,” I mean reading the documentation provided by the Telerik team on the NativeScript website, and creating sample apps based upon the online documentation. When…


Dog Food Con 2015

I’ve spent the last two days in Columbus, OH at Dog Food Con 2015 and had a great time. I met a lot of Developers and IT Professionals from all over the midwest – Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Kentucky. In addition to networking and getting my hard-core geek on while playing Geek Out! on Wednesday evening, I’m happy to have presented on…