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Author: Nick Branstein

MVC Validation Extensions 1.1.4 Released

Tonight I have another small update for my MVC Validation Extensions.  This update adds another attribute: RequiredIfEmpty Example Usage public string RequiredIfEmptyControl { get; set; } [RequiredIfEmpty(“RequiredIfEmptyControl”)] public int? MightBeRequired { get; set; } This new control will require the field if the other property is empty.  Please note that whitespace is considered empty in this case. For more details…


Logging Hangfire Exceptions in Slack

If you aren’t familiar with Slack it is a relatively new tool centered around team communication and collaboration.  At KiZAN we utilize Slack on several projects to collaborate with clients on a daily basis.  Besides collaboration Slack offers a large library of “out of the box” integrations and a full featured api.  These integrations are something that developers can easily…


js13kgames 2015

I had a wonderful time participating in the js13kgames 2015 competition this year. If you are not familiar with the competition it is a month long competition where to goal is to create a html 5 game where all code, assets, etc fit snugly inside a 13kb zipped file (no external sources/links)! For more information visit: After a mad…


Mobile UI Framework Comparison

Sticking with our recent theme in talking about mobile here on I’d like to compare several mobile UI frameworks. If you find that building a Hybrid App (outlined by Justin Tindle in our previous post about Building Mobile Apps Native vs Hybrid) is the right direction, you will likely use one of many Javascript frameworks. With Javascript frameworks being created and changed…


MVC Validation Extensions 1.1.2 Released

I’m pleased to release another update to my MVC Validation Extensions.  This update is once again focused on adding more functionality to the package via the following validation attribute: RequiredIfAnyValue This attribute builds upon the previous update where we created required fields based on another field’s value.  Now we are able to require a field if another field is on…


MVC Validation Extensions 1.1 Released

Tonight I’ve released a small update the MVC Validation Extensions.  In this updated I’ve added a new validation attribute: RequiredIfValue This attribute will cause the property to be required only if the value of the other property is equal to the specified value. Example Usage [RequiredIfValue(“RequiredIntControl”, “15”)] public int? SomeRequiredIfValue { get; set; } In this example SomeRequiredIfValue will be…


NHibernate Map by Code Examples – Part 2

This post is the second post in a multi-part series of examples for NHibernate‘s Map by Code feature.  Code in this series has been tested with NHibernate’s latest 4.0 as well as 3.3.3. Part One Many To Many Inverse Bag Part Two (you are here) JoinedSubClassMapping vs SubclassMapping (Discriminators) vs UnionSubclassMapping Part Three ForeignKey “none” IdBag Formula EnumStringType<> JoinedSubClassMapping vs…