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Author: Nick Branstein

Logging Additional Properties in Log4net

Log4net is a great logging framework that I find myself using whenever I need to setup logging in my projects.  Normally I setup some basic logging to text files and that is sufficient for most projects.  Recently I had a situation arise where I needed to add some additional target debug logging to a project to help troubleshoot an issue. …


Beginning with the Nest API – Take 2

A while back we took a look at starting development using the Nest API.  In my original post the end user was required to enter a pin code after they authorizing the client application to access Nest data.  This is a bit of an undesirable workflow.  The authorization should be fluid and unobtrusive to the end user.  Luckily the OAuth…


Publishing Your Typescript Project to Azure

So you want to deploy your new Typescript web application to Windows Azure using the publish option within Visual Studio but when you preview the files you notice that the Javascript files created from created when you built your project are missing.  Unfortunately Typescript has a few kinks to work out with its integration and this is one of them.…


Beginning with the Nest API

Recently I purchased a Nest Thermostat.  I had been wanting one for quite some time and the price was finally right.  After quickly getting my Nest up and running I signed up for a Nest Developer Account and set off to experiment with the api. The first thing you need to do is register your client application with Nest.  To…