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5 Ways to Get Started with Mobile Apps Today

A lot of businesses have trouble getting started with mobile app development because it’s typically considered an “IT” initiative – everyone is looking to IT for guidance and recommendations on what we can do with “mobile”, because they feel it’s technical. Here’s an insiders secret: mobile apps aren’t about the technology, instead they’re really about ideas and creativity. In this post, I’ll…


When Winning isn’t Winning

I’ve recently begun studying for the PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) exam with a small study group. Last week, we had our first meeting, and it has really made me reflect back on previous projects in which I’ve participated and see how we’ve applied Agile principles without calling them Agile. As our study group was reviewing the 12 Agile principles, the…


You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Be bold, but truthful. This is advice I’ve received, and advice I feel is important to “pay forward”. You won’t be rewarded for being meek, but understand where you should draw the line. Take, for example, a job interview. As a hiring manager, I look for boldness in candidates, but I also look for candidates to be truthful with me.…