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Locust Hill Farm

Locust Hill Farm is a 238-acre farm located in La Grange, KY. My wife’s family bought it 2009, and it was used to grow tobacco. We didn’t want to support the growth and sale of tobacco, so in 2010, we contracted with a tenant farmer to grow corn and soybean.

We have spent a lot of time on the farm since 2009, and the land is beautiful and filled with life: a small stream runs through the center of the property, a large beaver dam, several ponds stocked with fish, two old tobacco barns, and a large hill and plateau that overlooks the entire property.

It takes about 30 minutes to get there from our house, so it isn’t too far away, but far enough that we don’t stop in casually.

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Weather Monitoring

One of our challenges at the farm is knowing the current and historical weather conditions. For the past year, I had been looking for a fun side project, and after 10+ years of wondering about the weather, I knew I needed to build a weather monitoring station and companion mobile app.


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