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Logging Hangfire Exceptions in Slack

If you aren’t familiar with Slack it is a relatively new tool centered around team communication and collaboration.  At KiZAN we utilize Slack on several projects to collaborate with clients on a daily basis.  Besides collaboration Slack offers a large library of “out of the box” integrations and a full featured api.  These integrations are something that developers can easily…


Beginning with the Nest API – Take 2

A while back we took a look at starting development using the Nest API.  In my original post the end user was required to enter a pin code after they authorizing the client application to access Nest data.  This is a bit of an undesirable workflow.  The authorization should be fluid and unobtrusive to the end user.  Luckily the OAuth…


Beginning with the Nest API

Recently I purchased a Nest Thermostat.  I had been wanting one for quite some time and the price was finally right.  After quickly getting my Nest up and running I signed up for a Nest Developer Account and set off to experiment with the api. The first thing you need to do is register your client application with Nest.  To…