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On the way out of the office on Friday, I stopped to talk with Justin and Nick (the other Brostein). We have all installed Visual Studio 2015 RC and have been exploring the new Task Runner Explorer. Nick had really started porting his MVC Validation Extensions library over to the Visual Studio 2015 ASP.NET 5 project structure. In the process,…


MVC Validation Extensions 1.1.2 Released

I’m pleased to release another update to my MVC Validation Extensions.  This update is once again focused on adding more functionality to the package via the following validation attribute: RequiredIfAnyValue This attribute builds upon the previous update where we created required fields based on another field’s value.  Now we are able to require a field if another field is on…


MVC Validation Extensions 1.1 Released

Tonight I’ve released a small update the MVC Validation Extensions.  In this updated I’ve added a new validation attribute: RequiredIfValue This attribute will cause the property to be required only if the value of the other property is equal to the specified value. Example Usage [RequiredIfValue(“RequiredIntControl”, “15”)] public int? SomeRequiredIfValue { get; set; } In this example SomeRequiredIfValue will be…


Use Azure Active Directory and Windows Identity Foundation to Authenticate in MVC

In my last post, I showed how to use Azure Active Directory sync to extend your local Active Directory into Azure. In this post, I’m going to show you how to use Azure Active Directory and Windows Identity Foundation to authenticate in MVC by leveraging the Azure Active Directory. I’ll then configure my MVC site to use Organizational Accounts.…