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NativeScript Tweet Bot

I’ve spent the last month building workshop and presentation content for Music City Code, held in Nashville, TN. I spoke about NativeScript throughout the conference, met a ton of new friends, and had fun building apps, and automated products. One of the products of my preparations is a cool side project I call the NativeScript tweet bot. 6 Minute Mobile Apps…


Good Practices in Build Management

I’ve recently been working with several customers to discuss good practices of Application Lifecycle Management. One area of ALM is build management. In this post, I’ve described (at a high-level) good practices in build management. What is Build Management? Build Management is the practice of developing and maintaining a process for creating builds of software. Under this context, a software…


10 Reasons I Love Visual Studio Online

I recently spoke at the Louisville .NET Meetup on July 16, 2015 – what a great audience and a rewarding experience. In my talk (My Happy Place: 10 Reasons I Love Visual Studio Online), I shared why Visual Studio Online continues to be one of the great collaboration platforms for development teams of all types (yeah, that’s right it’s not just for .NET developers).…


BUILD Recap – Day 3

It’s the final day of //build/ 2015, and I’m sad. Sad to leave San Francisco, sad to fly a redeye back to Louisville (and arrive back on Derby day), and sad to leave //build/. This has been a great //build/ experience for me. I’ve spoken to a lot of developers and Microsoft team members. Application Insights for Any App: A…


Hands On HoloLens

In this post, I’ll be trying to answer several questions around HoloLens. Since the initial HoloLens announcement, the HoloLens project has been buttoned up tight, but //build/ 2015 brought some HUGE announcements and closer looks at the HoloLens. I unfortunately did not get a hands on demo of the HoloLens, but I had the opportunity to interview several //build/ attendees…


BUILD Recap – Day 2

Keynote The day 2 keynote was not as exciting as the day 1 keynote – no Satya, no Gu, no Hanselman. But don’t get me wrong – there was still some excitement in the air. We got another glimpse of the HoloLens, but also got a look at a lot more code. There was an extended session on building Windows…


BUILD Recap – Day 1

Keynote During the //build/ keynote today, there are several impressions Microsoft wanted to ensure everyone walked away with. The first impression is “Microsoft is listening to your feedback” – during the Windows 10 portion of the keynote, Microsoft spoke towards constantly changing how Windows 10 looks and interacts with users. I was happy to see start menu changes that make…


Conference Season

Conference season has arrived for the Brosteins. I am starting the season off at Microsoft’s BUILD conference in San Francisco, and Nick is gearing up for CodePaLOUsa in Louisville. Although I’m disappointed I’ll miss CodePaLOUsa this year (it’s my first year missing my hometown favorite), I am excited about BUILD. I’ve taken a few days prior to BUILD to visit…