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Exciting Things are Happening at Code PaLOUsa

This is a big week for the development community. The biggest is //build happening in San Francisco. //build is an awesome conference, but I can’t swing for those swanky tickets every year. My team at KiZAN is headed to Code PaLOUsa instead, and exciting things are happening at Code PaLOUsa again this year. Code PaLOUsa is software development madness. Once…


Conference Season

Conference season has arrived for the Brosteins. I am starting the season off at Microsoft’s BUILD conference in San Francisco, and Nick is gearing up for CodePaLOUsa in Louisville. Although I’m disappointed I’ll miss CodePaLOUsa this year (it’s my first year missing my hometown favorite), I am excited about BUILD. I’ve taken a few days prior to BUILD to visit…