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js13kgames 2015

I had a wonderful time participating in the js13kgames 2015 competition this year. If you are not familiar with the competition it is a month long competition where to goal is to create a html 5 game where all code, assets, etc fit snugly inside a 13kb zipped file (no external sources/links)! For more information visit: After a mad…


Gulp Cheatsheet

In my Gulp research and learning, I have run across a great Gulp cheatsheet on GitHub. The cheatsheet demonstrates the most common Gulp patterns you may use when consuming a Gulp stream in a task sequence. The most basic Gulp task sequence is the “single destination” task sequence. In this scenario, you identify the stream source, transform it multiple times via a sequence…


Learning Gulp

Over the past week, I have been starting to use the Visual Studio 2015 RC, primarily focused on ASP.NET 5. Of the numerous new features and changes, I’ve found myself gravitating towards learning Gulp. I was the .NET developer that stayed within the Microsoft ecosystem – I started learning .NET in the early beta days, and my first real development…



On the way out of the office on Friday, I stopped to talk with Justin and Nick (the other Brostein). We have all installed Visual Studio 2015 RC and have been exploring the new Task Runner Explorer. Nick had really started porting his MVC Validation Extensions library over to the Visual Studio 2015 ASP.NET 5 project structure. In the process,…